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Why I Paint?

The magic and beauty of colours and their interaction with each other creates joy in my heart and soul. When I am painting I feel truly happy and in my element. I often paint from a meditative state.

I have a special connection with colours, nature and space. They stand out to me and when I close my eyes, vivid magnificent combination of colours present themselves to me, inspiring me to put them on canvas. Its a connection with the ultimate and this process rejuvenates me to face the challenges of life. I have always found myself doodling and drawing different shapes, nature and abstracts.

As a child, I could play with water colours for hours. I would create my own palettes of numerous shades and was perpetually fascinated by the exchange and blending of colours. The practical requirements of daily life and raising three sons kept me away from my play for a long time. Now, as the nest empties and life slows down, I have returned to my old passion and found it intact, waiting.

I also get great pleasure in sharing my art with family and friends. Their appreciation and encouragement gives my work meaning and has given me the confidence to pursue my art further.